Workbox highlighted in article on business apps.

(Excerpt below).

2. The accountant

Being in business for yourself means you’re trying to make a profit, and that means you need accountancy software on your iPad. And that, in turn, means you need Workbox, which handles the day-to-day accounting needs of a busy entrepreneur. Built-in timers record hours worked for each client, and Workbox allows you to keep track of one-time and recurring fees, products sold and services provided. Invoices are generated with a single tap, and it’s straight-forward to monitor accounts receivables and enter client payments. Just as important, Workbox keeps track of your expenses so you can get all the deductions you’re allowed come tax time. The expense function includes a handy feature which lets you take a picture of your receipts and vendor invoices for future reference. The app is especially useful for mobile professionals since it works anywhere and anytime and does not need an Internet connection. For $4.99 a month, you can’t do better.