Workbox 3.0 coming soon

Available on the App Store end of January 2015.

Work: List View
Displays time worked, fees, appointments and products sold. Tap "+" to add new charges.

Work: Day Calendar View
View and enter appointments and hourly tasks directly on calendar. Month view on top left shows number of hours worked each day of the month. Swipe left or right to move to a different day.

Enter your billable and non-billable expenses. Optionally attach a photo, image or PDF of the receipt/invoice.


Timer Center
Timers are available from every screen in the Workbox system. This screen shows two timers running (one is active and the other currently inactive.) Start timers "from scratch" - or select from Recent Activity list to prefill Client, Cateogry, Description, etc.

Billing Screen
All Clients that have unbilled charges are shown here. Tap on a row and the system will show a preview of the invoice (see next image.) From the preview screen you can make changes, add charges, hold charges and adjust sales tax. Email or print the invoice when it looks OK. If you have a PayPal account, emailed invoices contain a link so clients can pay immediately via credit card or PayPal.

Invoice Preview #1
Preview the invoice before sending. This invoice uses Worbox's Business Format and will print on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. If you print invoices (rather than email) you can use standard #10 window envelopes.

Invoice Preview #2
This invoice format is printed with the Professional Format and will print on a 5 x 7 inch page. This format is often used by professional services such as psychotherapists.

Accounts Receivable & Client Payments
This screen lists Client invoices that have not been paid. Tap on a row to enter payment or view original invoice.

Sample Report - Accounts Receivable Aging
Workbox includes a full suite of reports including Time and Expense Analysis, Project Tracking, Billing and Sales Tax reporting. Reports may be viewed on the screen or emailed - formatted as a PDF or Spreadsheet.

Workbox Trailmap
A Guide to the 6 functions in the Workbox App.